We started our enterprise in 1985 with unique objective to be in the sector our "peak of spear" on behalf of the Greek producer.

We permanently collaborate with the more serious European researchers in the Arboriculture and offer in the Greek arboriculturist the information for anything new (Subjects, Varieties, New Fruits, New Forms of Configuration) simultaneously with his European colleague and no with delay of a decade.

We in Nurseries DRAGOUMANOS keep permanently a philosophy: QUALITY and GUARANTEE.

With regard to the QUALITY we adopted in biggest degree the use of subjects from CELL (micropropagation) exempted from viruses and illnesses. We cultivate the saplings with continuous follow-up for their healthy situation, accordingly always with the scientific rules of plant health protection, fertilization, irrigation. Each sapling is checked meticulously at his export by the nursery.

With regard to the GUARANTEE, we guarantee that our saplings are the VARIETIES and the SUBJECTS that we deliver in our customers.

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